Basil Rathbone/Nigel Bruce

The Hound Of The Baskervilles

It is what I grew up watching, my first introduction to Sherlock Holmes. Even with its flaws I still adore this version

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Rathbone was my first Holmes, I will always be loyal to him for creating, with what he had to work with, a true rival for my favorite Holmes.  Having said that, I liked this one quite a bit.  The opening dialogue between Moriarty and his man about the plants is priceless

The Woman In Green

I do wish this one had been an actual part of the Canon, it would have read well.  I won't say all the Rathbone/Bruce takes were not good, most of them were with the exception of a few.  This one though I really like

House Of Fear

Again several stories but this one I do like alot

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

Why stray so far from the original story


Pursuit To Algiers

I see a ship can be much like a closed room case, maybe one too many songs in this one but I still liked it none the less


Pearl Of Death

You get this story from The Six Napoleons? Why add a dash of The Creeping Man?


Secret Weapon

If I wanted a war movie, I would have watch one instead of Sherlock Holmes


Scarlet Claw

How can you not love the Supernatural, but Holmes gone all the way to Canada for an occult meeting???


Spider Woman

Loved it just one too many spiders :)

Terror By Night

Very much like Incident At Victoria Falls.  I like them both equally

Dressed To Kill

I wish this had been in color, just to see Mrs. Courtney's dress and room.  A favorite of mine

Sherlock Holmes In Washington

Just a little to modernized for me, the story is good, I just prefer my Holmes in the 1890's