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With these reviews I am comparing what I can: The original stories to the Granada Series, some are direct comparisons and some are not.  I really consider them to be one in the same. 

I know they are not, but to me I enjoy both so much and now anyway, for me, my beloved Jeremy will always be "The Sherlock Holmes"  :)

I read the stories and I can't help but to hear his voice and see his face

I really would not rate anything here less than 4 stars be it the Granada Series or the original canon

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Cover Review

This is a gorgeous cover with a beautiful silk ribbon in it.  Easier to handle than I thought it would be.

Story Reviews That Were Done By Granada

The Noble Bachelor

I liked this short version over the 2 hours Granada Series, this was far simpler. Honestly I got kinda lost here and there with the show

The Sussex Vampire

I liked it well enough though I am glad the Granada Series fleshed it out as much as they did. I am no Holmes purist by any means because I do enjoy pastiches and many of the films including Rathbone and Bruce, I might not get a positive reception about my next statement but here goes: I like the Granada Series take on this better than the story from Doyle

Wisteria Lodge

Well the Granada series surely toned this one down to a palatable taste. Aside from some parts I liked this one

Silver Blaze

What little experience I have with horses helped me to appreciate this one more that I might have otherwise.

The Adventure Of The Devil's Foot

I loved the setting of this and the bit of twist I had not really expected. I always love it when Holmes goes off on another subject as well as the obvious

The Six Napoleons

I liked it well enough though, I think there was enough fodder here for another full length novel

The Resident Patient

I liked the deception to Trevelyan though I thought it could have been fleshed out a bit more. All the characters could have been

The Norwood Builder

I am watching the Granada Series then I read the same story out of the book, partly just to see just how accurate the show is, partly just for the enjoyment of the read. In this case it would seem I liked the show better. I do love the idea though. How can anyone not like secret rooms.

The Hound Of The Baskervilles

Actually now having "read" it, after having seen so many film versions. I had little trouble "seeing" it all happen.

The Greek Interpreter

I finally met Mycroft and I must say I like him. Man much of the same qualities I daresay I possess

The Copper Beeches

I liked this one. The ending was not quite how I imagined it.

A Scandal In Bohemia

Fast paced, enjoyable story. After all these years I finally now understand the story of "The Woman"
The more I read {audiobook} the original stories the more I enjoy the fan fictions of other writers of Holmes.
I know this was turned into a film, or at least highly referenced but for the life of me I can't remember the title of it.

Sign Of The Four

Liked the book far more than any of the screen adaptations I have seen, well worth the reading.

The Red Headed League

Being a red head, was a tad disappointed to hear no mention of a red headed woman.

The Speckled Band

Perhaps I think I might be learning too much about crime, I love it when things are referenced and I have to find out about it. 

The Dancing Men

I wish I had read these when I was younger but they just didn't cross my path.  I am glad they finally have.  I liked this one well enough but the Granada show better

The Naval Treaty

The scene with the rose really took me by surprise. People do change during the course of their lives

The Solitary Cyclist

I was glad to read the horse was still grazing but a tad shocked Watson would leave an injured man

The Crooked Man

This is by all means a very sad tale, at least to me, but I could easily see something like that happening

The Blue Carbuncle

The Granada series was more literal with the story but I like the original better

The Abbey Grange

I like the stories where Holmes shows his human side, those are the best

The Final Problem

I have to give this one to the Granada Series.  Seeing Watson there in tears could not have been more heartbreaking.  Though if I had read it when it was originally written, I would have been laid out on the floor in shock with the singular question "What about Mrs. Hudson?"

The Empty House

Gotta give this one to the novel, even though Granada showed more emotion

The Priory School

I can see why some details needed to be changed but not as many as they did in the Granada Series, I like the novel better

The Second Stain 

I am glad the Granada Series omitted that tacky scene with Lady Hilda.  I like this one still though.  I wish Granada had not left out the bee keeping detail though

The Musgrave Ritual

I really liked this one even with the Granada Series having had done it just a bit different

The Man With The Twisted Lip

I will give this one to the novel.  Of course Granada was excellent, but I liked their drive better as it was written

The Bruce Partington Plans

Hmmm to me it is a tie, the Granada or the story.  Both have some lines that I love

The Disappearance Of Lady Frances Carfax

I give this one to the novel, though the show made it look very pretty.  There was more meat to the story

The Problem Of Thor Bridge

Sometimes Doyles tales are very sinister in nature

The Creeping Man

Quite a disturbing tale if you really stop and think about it, but I am afraid I could really see it happening

The Illustrious Client

It only shows just how far lies can get someone.

Shoscombe Old Place

I didn't quite get the part about Jasper..........he did go after the carriage, I have had dogs and that made no sense to me. Shoscombe Prince was simply stunning to look at

The Boscombe Valley Mystery

I have seen other versions of this with Peter Cushing. Difficult to say what I like best

The Three Gables

Here was where I fell in love with Gary Cady

The Master Blackmailer

I liked this one especially the very end

The Dying Detective

Excellent on both Brett and Hardwicke's acting here, I really had thought Holmes had come down with it for a while

The Mazarin Stone

Combining two stories into one can sometimes go very wrong but that is not the case here.  Even without my beloved Jeremy in most of it, I still really really liked this one.

The Golden Pince-Nez

Always have a hard time pronouncing this one, but I do love it

The Red Circle

They had me going until they told me she was in that room

The Cardboard Box

It breaks my heart it had to end, but it ended very well.  Rest In Peace my beloved Jeremy, thank you for the most excellent Holmes I have ever seen. 

Canon Reviews Alone

Valley Of Fear

Was just to -Let's go to America- for my taste, much like A Study In Scarlet .  I suppose I just prefer my Holmes in the fog shrouded London streets heavily misted Moors or in a carriage down the lane

the story

A Case Of Identity

Would have loved to see a Granada version of this one.  I never figured out who it was and I knew pretty well his methods

A Study In Scarlet

I liked this one a great deal, gave all the important info I had been missing for so many years

Beryl Coronet

Maybe one to many crime stories, after the intro of all in the house I knew who did it

The Reigate Puzzle

A bit more complicated that I would have liked but I still liked it

The Three Garridebs

I was really really quite touched by Holmes affection.  I have read it before and see it before on screen but it never really touched me till this

The Stockbrokers Clerk

This would have been good as a show.  I enjoyed it anyway though

The Gloria Scott

A wee bit gorier than I would have expected

The Three Students

I caught on to this one right off and am quite satisfied I filled it all in myself :)

Black Peter

Kind of a grim and a tad for one but for this time of year very enjoyable.

Missing Three Quarter

Someone who enjoys sports more than I do mixed with crime will love this one.  Me not so much.

His Last Bow

Perhaps a bit too political but it was a reflection of the times

The Blanched Soldier

No crime, but that was OK.  I love the small little ways Holmes showed how much he appreciated Watson.