Cover Review

I really like this cover alot

Story Reviews

The Dutchess Of Wiltshire's Diamonds

Guy Boothby

Thief posses as detective to solve crime........gave me some ideas.

The Three Anecdotes

Charles Dickens

Maybe I just got lost somewhere but I just didn't get this one

The Little Old Man Of Batignolles

Emile Gaboriau

The thing I liked about this one was the way he was just beginning to learn

The Great Ruby Robbery

Grant Allen

This was fun.  Didn't figure who do it till the end

The Lenton Croft  Robberies

Arthur Morrison

I figured out early who the culprit was but this was still a fun trip

The Case Of Oscar Brodski

R. Austin Freeman

This is a good solid story and it goes much better in this anthology than in another one I have it in

Coin Of Dionysius

Ernest Bramah

This was a fun tale and this blind detective idea is a great one for fun stories