Unique Films 

Single Stray Films Not Part Of Any Series

1994 Baker Street

Anthony Higgins, Debrah Farentino

This was fun.  I can see why a series would not have worked but it is fun just every once in a while 


Murder By Decree

Christopher Plummer, James Mason

Considering the subject matter, I think this was well acted.  To me the Ripper aspect seemed more of a side story rather than the real story they were getting at.  


A Study In Terror

John Neville, Donald Houston

I like Murder By Decree better than this one, not to say I don't like this one because I do, just a bit too much sing song for my taste.


The Return Of Sherlock Holmes

Margaret Colin, Michael Pennington

This is not as bad as so many say.  If you can accept the idea then its enjoyable


Sherlock Holmes In New York

Roger Moore, Patrick Macnee

Excellent period piece, decent story sort of and mostly importantly........fun


The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes

Robert Stephens, Colin Blakely

Nice time piece but I've seen better.  Good strong attention keeper


Hands Of A Murderer

Edward Woodward, John Hillerman

I adore this Moriarty and its a decent story.  A fun time