The Canary Trainer

Nicholas Meyer

Didn't like the way Erik was portrayed. I understand this was more a Sherlock story, but with that portrayal and the changing of a few other characters from POTO, I just can't get into it. Also with a small jab at the end of Leroux's work.............its on my "Trade Only" list as opposed to the "Buy" list.
It was an OK read, much more Sherlock and Watson, their portrayal was spot on. Plenty of great atmosphere and gothic/Victorian/Paris feel.
Great for Sherlock fans not so much for Phantom fans. For both like me, not so good.
Much prefer Angel Of The Opera.

A Study In Terror

Ellery Queen

I would have given 5 stars but the story within the story, just didn't do it for me.
Its a nice idea but to me at least, it takes away one atmosphere from the other. 
Its more graphic than the movie, but I liked the movie much better.
I found myself skipping over the Ellery part, only skimming to see how it played out, but the Sherlock part of the story I loved, but still liked the movie better.

The Last Sherlock Holmes Story

Michael Dibdin

It wasn't the gory details that disturbed me, that sort of thing goes along with the territory of the Ripper. It was the authors lack of respect for the real people involved.
It seemed to me, that he forgot he was not writing total fiction. 
I borrowed it from the library, I have it for 3 weeks, I honestly don't suppose I will finish it. Once he began referring to the people {women} of White Chapel as something other than human, I just tossed it back on my pile and went ahead to what else I checked out.
They were real people in a bad situation.

The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes

Lyndsay Faye

Still not getting into the big anthologies.
The stories though by themselves are good, good atmosphere, the presentation is good, the usage of time appropriate speech and all such the like. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Faye's Dust and Shadow. 
I just found again I like the original canon to any other "big set of Holmes stories"

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Art In The Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure

Bonnie MacBird

Both Holmes and Watson using swear words? No
Americanized ones at that? No
Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft distrusting one another, Sherlock cussing at Mycroft? No
Mycroft accusing Sherlock of having 'feeling' for a woman? No
Mycroft letting Sherlock sit in jail, allowing a fake case against him to continue..................of Jack the Ripper at that ***cough Dust and Shadow anyone cough*******
Using more French than English, and not bothering to translate for those of us who don't know much French.
The descriptive scenery is good, I liked the plot enough, just not enough to finish it. Not when I have others to read. 
I would recommend for those who are not too particular about their Sherlock Holmes. I am not a purist, just didn't care for this one.

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The Big Book Of Sherlock Holmes Stories

Otto Penzler

I understand now that I prefer the original canon. I don't need the same details rewritten a thousand times by different authors.
I would highly recommend it to any other fan looking for variety past Doyle. I read most of it and those stories I did enjoy.
Though upon borrowing it from the library, I learned I prefer the originals or single stories in a single book form, just not so many all in one place.

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The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes: Scroll Of The Dead

David Stuart Davies

Wasn't what I expected. No Egypt. I didn't quite expect a seriously denied love story. Holmes whispering in Watson's ear on several occasions, if I wanted that I would write it myself. 
I would recommend it because at heart it was a good story, it was just the details I could do without.
It was fast paced and full of action but it won't be going into my collection.

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The Further Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes: The Veiled Detective

David Stuart Davies

I guess I just was not as interested as I thought I would be in Watson trying to cover up his past enough to finish this one.
Watson working for Moriarty WTF?? I left after that.

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The Grimswell Curse

Sam Siciliano

This would have been 5 stars if it had not gotten so blasted repetitive:  We know Henry wants and loves his Michele, we know Rose is a large woman, we know Dartmoor is cold and windy.  Aside from those and a few other annoyances of a similar nature, this was a good story and I would recommend it.  You should though be familiar with Siciliano's other works, which is another unfortunate thing about it, it refers back to other stories he has written

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The Italian Secretary

Caleb Carr

By 3 1/2 chapters and we have not even left London yet?????  If I wanted a history lesson of Mary Queen Of Scots I would have gotten a history book

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