Ronald Howard, The Original Series

I won't rate each one individually because to me they are all good with the exception of a very few, like 1 or 2

The Red Headed League

Follows the original very close, just happens to be one I disliked

Mother Hubbard

Just goes to show you can trust no one

Harry Crocker

Always fun

Blind Man's Bluff

The plot thickened towards the end, I enjoyed it

Winthrop Legend

Haunted mansion how can you not love that

Shy Ballerina

A twist I should have seen coming

The Case Of The Texas Cowgirl

I hated this one from beginning to end, I hated it.


Pennsylvania Gun

Plenty of nice French scenery and the story was again fun

Case Of Lady Beryl

Good one unto itself. Didn't see the ending the way I thought it would play out

Cunningham Heritage

If only these had followed the stories they would have been so much better. There is no saying they aren't fun because they are, just not the originals. Ronald Howard could have been an excellent Holmes

The Shoeless Engineer

Fun.  More suspense than most

Split Ticket

This one was just fun

The Belligerent Ghost

I was convinced till the end it was someone else who tweeked his nose

The French Interpreter

A decent enough "interpretation" of The Greek Interpreter

Night Train Riddle

Fun, but I have always had problems with the circus

Violent Suitor

A little lacklustre compared with some of the other stories

Baker Street Nursemaids

I liked this one...............plot and funny

Impromptu Performance

For someone who has a taste for theatre this was fun

Baker Street Bachelors

Holmes in prison, now that was fun

Royal Murder

I would have loved this one if only I could have figured out what countries were involved

Haunted Gainsborough

Ghosts and legends, how can that not be fun

Neurotic Detective

Can't get behind this one, Watson would never distrust Holmes that much, nor would Lestrade

The Unlucky Gambler

That one had me, never saw the ending

The Singing Violin

Beautiful playing in the beginning and a decent plot

Greystone Inscription

Decent enough rendition of The Musgrave Ritual

The Laughing Mummy

I recall a book I read that had an Egyptian theme but I didn't care much for it but this is fun

The Thistle Killer

Very light take on The Ripper

The Jolly Hangman

Justice served well

Impostor Mystery

Oh, if only this one had been in color

Eiffel Tower

What happened in the end?  A cliffhanger

Exhumed Client

Good take on The Devils Foot

The Diamond Tooth

Sailors are always fun

Tyrants Daughter

This is a good plot

Vanished Detective

Never saw such a tidy curio shop

Careless Suffragette

Maybe a little too much detail

Reluctant Carpenter

Had me till the end

Deadly Prophecy

Don't think Holmes would get involved in something like that

Christmas Pudding

A great one to add to your Christmas collection

Perfect Husband

Michael Gough is delicious as a bad guy