My small collection of Holmes that I am hoping to soon expand

The first non canon I ever read, naturally being a Phantom Phan as soon as I saw this I had to read it.  I love it and I had to track it down nearly to the ends of the Earth to add to my collection, well worth ever aggravation I had to go through to get it

I first heard this as a BBC radio and I liked it enough to again run to the ends of the Earth to get for my collection

This one was much easier to get, I also checked out her other one that I did not quite enjoy as much but I would recommend it

A wonderful collection that my friend sent to me, thank you Kayla Lowe

The original canon, I don't really like the covers or the case but I plan to get a large single volume cloth covered edition soon.

The print is not even, lighter in some spots and darker in others, the pages are newspaper thin, really I think now a waste of 10 dollars. If you don't mind that though, all the stories are here, and they are very easy to physically handle and hold

The first "collection" I ever bought, I was more wanting the movies inside but I came to realize when I got home that the entire series of the Ronald Howard show was in it as well, that was an added bonus. 

I have always thought this is a gorgeous tin, it is indeed a tin that has another plastic box inside

The very first DVD I ever bought of Holmes

This one is an essential part of any Holmes collection

SUNP0011 (1).JPG

A much finer copy of the Canon


Something every fan should have