British Library Crime Classics Series

Cover Reviews

I don't really have a one favorite cover with this collection I love them all

Continental Crimes

Martin Edwards

This really was not was I was looking for, I wanted something more specific and fortunately in this series I found it, just not this particular book.  I would highly recommend this though

Resorting To Murder: Holiday Mysteries

Martin Edwards

Again not what I was looking for but an excellent collection if it suits your taste


Blood On The Tracks

Martin Edwards

The Affair Of The Corridor Express

Victor L. Whitechurch

I was had with this one.  I thought I was better at detecting ones like this

The Case Of Oscar Brodski

R. Austin Freeman

I might not have added this one to this theme of train stories.  Though it is a good solid story.  This just may have gone better in another theme

The Eighth Lamp

Roy Vickers

This was more a bit more of ghost story than a crime mystery but still fun

The Knights Cross Signal Problem

Ernest Bramah

I always like to read other folks "Holmes & Watson" storiers.  Some are hits others not.  This one is passable and fun

Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries

Martin Edwards

Again this was not quite what I was looking for, but if you need cozies for Christmas then this is a must to have


Crimson Snow

Martin Edwards

This was just exactly what I was looking for a nice little collection of Winter who dunits.  Highly recommended.

The Ghosts Touch

Fergus Hume

I saw the ending of this one coming but I suspected the wrong person

The Chopham Affair

Edgar Wallace

Got a little lost with this one but it was still enjoyable


Serpents In Eden

Martin Edwards

The Black Doctor

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This one has nothing to do with Holmes buts its still a very good tale, kept me guessing and a twist {even being schooled by Doyle himself} I never saw coming


Murder At The Manor

Martin Edwards

The Problem Of Dead Wood Hall

Dick Donovan

A good introduction to crime and a good story but a tad repetitive and too obvious


Capital Crimes London Mysteries

Martin Edwards

Case Of Lady Sannox

Arthur Conan Dolye

Excellent tale, thought I think I agree with those who say this would go better in a horror anthology rather than crime.

A Mystery Of The Underground

John Oxenham

Should have been in a different anthology, but still  enjoyable till I got lost at the end


Deep Waters

Martin Edwards