About Me

I have always loved reading, it takes you to a new world.  I also like re-reading my favorites, its likes meeting up with friends again.
I live in Southern California and started this site primarily to keep my books in some sort of order, at least the way I can figure it.  Though it keeps growing with new ideas.
I love reading in the evenings especially, to unwind.  I like to put on a fireplace/thunderstorm DVD and just listen to the crackle and the rain and thunder, we don't get much of that here normally so if and when it comes naturally, I always make reading time then, but usually I have to settle for the DVD.
I also love reading out in my little garden and yes I do read to the plants.

                                       Favorite Quotes

Bram Stoker

"Despair has its own calms"


E.G. Swain

“He would browse amongst the books like an ox in a pleasant pasture”

Bone To His Bone


Washington Irving

"It was here I usually retired to banquet on my novels"