Constant Comment
Just as lovely as I remember, though it does give heartburn, but I love the taste that much I can overlook that
Flavors: Orange Zest

English Teatime
​I have come to really enjoy this tea with hamburgers. Still too strong for me without a food pairing

Cinnamon Stick
Great, but too much for me, I like a slighter cinnamon taste with black tea

English Breakfast Tea
Big bold black tea flavor

Lemon Lift
Wonderful if you like black tea with a taste of lemon, but I just don’t like that much
​Flavors: Lemon, Black Tea

Plantation Mint
To me this is a perfect blend of black tea and spearmint


Green Tea With Lemon
​Either the box I got was just old or this has no taste.

Green Tea
Good strong flavor of green tea

I Love Lemon
Nice mint flavor goes well with the lemon. A wonderful pairing with chicken and plain white cake
Flavors: Lemon, Spearmint

Mint Medley
I like just plain spearmint tea, not with peppermint as well.

Orange And Spice
Too spicy for me in an orange tea

Pomegranate Pizzaz
Nice but just not the kick I was hoping for.
Flavors: Pomegranate

Sweet Dreams
Does what it says, just too much chamomile flavor for my liking