The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow & Other Stories - Dover Thrift Editions


Book Review

I really liked this little one and again for the price you can not go wrong, even if there is something in it you might not love to pieces.

Cover Review

I really really like this cover

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Washington Irving


Loved this one to pieces, had all the images from the Disney cartoon in my head while reading and made up a few more.



It read like a eerie Halloween tour brochure for an abbey. Maybe I missed something there.

Westminster Abbey



 Hmmmmmm, I liked it for the imagery and the fanciful youth but it just left me hanging in the end




I thought this one might be a bit complicated for a younger audience, but I liked it OK enough.

The Spectre Bridegroom


The Mutability Of Literature

This one was fun, I never would have thought seriously about a talking book.


I have read terrible things about this one but I enjoyed the happy ending.

The Wife