Historical Drama

David And Bathsheba

Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward

I expected a bit better out of this, the actors played their parts wonderfully without a doubt, but the writing left something to be desired


Richard Chamberlain, Yoko Shimada

Beautifully filmed. Exquisite scenery and costumes. The story though seemed to raise so many questions it seems a book read is in order

The Egyptian

Edmund Perdom, Jean Simmons

This could have easily been an Edgar Allen Poe story, one mans descent into a madness brought by the love he desired.  

Though I hear the book is quite different, I will have to read it to see

Lawrence Of Arabia

Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif

Breathtaking musical score and beautiful backdrop.  This one surely had set my young mind to the desert fantasies it indulges in now from time to time


Brad Pitt, Eric Bana

This could have been so much better without all the CG and if they had had the Immortals more represented.  Good but frankly a sinfully wasted opportunity


Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Rex Harrison

I don't understand why more people don't like this one.  The spectacle of it alone should be enough to have your mouth open.  The acting I think is brilliant

Kings Of The Sun

George Chakiras, Yul Brynner

Not taking any of this film as fact, it is fun and the scenery is really nice, yes both actors and backdrop

The Hawaiians

Charlton Heston, Tina Chen

This is another good film, its depressing and shows some of the struggle Hawaii had in becoming a part of the United States.  The scenery is gorgeous, its Hawaii how could it not be.  Wonderful time piece

From Hell

Johnny Depp, Heather Graham

I love this movies but its just a poor rip off of Murder By Decree which relied on acting {which was excellent} rather than selling it on sex, gore and violence.  A waste of talent if you ask me


Leo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet

Spectacle yes, pretty good time piece but the story line...not so good.  Too many problems with the whole diamond story line

A Night To Remember

Kenneth Moore

This is the one that sent me to researching the sinking of the Titanic.  Its a bit slow compared to the action packed and emotional DiCaprio/Winslet version, but I was blubbering by the end of this one as well, if the scene with the rocking horse does not kill you...........nothing will