Review Policies

Currently not accepting books for review

Check back soon for further updates.  

I only review the following with the following conditions

I Do Review
* Printed real books sent to my home by author/publisher 
* Printed magazines sent to my home by author/publisher  
​* Printed materials of all kinds sent to my home by author/publisher 

*DVD's sent to my home by creator

*CD's sent to my home by creator

*Audio Books sent to my home by author/publisher



I Do Not 
*  I do not have Kindle or any other device. Nor will I sit in front of a computer and read a PDF  or any other format. 
* I do not review on Amazon, please do not try to bully or sweet talk me into that either.  I have only had bad experiences with them so I do not deal with them at all.

*I won't stare into You Tube either or any other website.  

* I don't have a Blu Ray player nor will I be likely to get one until my DVD players break. 

* Reviewed material can not be returned or refunded. 
* Will not cover shipping costs
​* I have a physical address not a P.O. Box
* Please also give me a direct link to the book on Goodreads, or at least the ISBN, I can't help you promote it if I can't find it. 

* Please do not come back to me in a few weeks time and ask me if I have received your book without please first checking your email.  I ALWAYS send a reply when I receive your book, usually within a few hours but no more than 2 days later.  Please check your email before you ask me if I got it.  

Reviewing At The Following

My LiteraryGarden - All
A Phans Lair - Phantom Of The Opera
The Library At 221 B Baker Street - Sherlock Holmes/Mystery/Crime 

Goodreads Groups

Phantom Of The Opera
Phantom Of The Opera 

Facebook Groups

Please Note: I am NOT currently posting reviews on FB until they change their groups page, I can not make any sense of how it works now.  Before I could just run down the list, now my list is gone

Sherlock Holmes/Crime/ Mystery
​* Sherlock Holmes Fans
The Mystery Readers Book Club


Once I get the printed book, magazine, material I will send you an email telling you I received it and my initial thoughts on the cover/presentation.   
Depending on size and any other life distractions, I will post a review as soon as I finish the book, I generally read 2-6 chapters a night.  Some nights more some nights less, sometimes I spend the whole day reading.  I usually blurb /blog quite a bit about books I am currently reading so you can get real time ideas of my thoughts on the book.

I don't give very long reviews.  To me a really very long review is just overblown and too much.  I like to keep them short and whether I like the material or not and whether I would recommend it or not.  

I Will Only Review The Following Types Of Literature, Music, DVD's **These Genre's Also Apply To Audio Books**

Phantom Of The Opera or related
Sherlock Holmes or related
Mystery/Crime of all kinds

Cozy Mysteries: Birdwatching, Tea Tastings, Naturalist, Gaslight
Vampire: Romance, Drama, Erotica, Historical
Victorian: Romance, Drama, Erotica, Historical, Gaslight Crime
Light Horror: Witchcraft, Werewolves, Ghost, Haunted Houses, Haunted Ships, Haunted Dwellings of any kind.
Pastiches: Phantom Of The Opera, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula I am most familiar with so could give a much better view     
Fantasy: Light fantasy such as Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings {Please No Science Fiction}     
Y/A Children's: Anything but SciFi

Non Fiction
Science: Earth, Space any and all in between
Spiritual: Pagan,Witchcraft, Christian
Self Help: Meditation, Crystals, Tarot, Medical including Hollistic
Travel: Will review all.  Most familiar with Southern California
History: Will review all.  Clothes, Architecture preferred
Birds: Will review all.  Most familiar with Southern California birds
Animals: Will review all.  Southern California Butterflies, Reptiles preferred
Y/A Children's: Will review all
Gardening: Will review all. Southern California Herb, Container, Succulent/Cactus preferred.
*** I live in Southern California so I would be able to relate extremely well and I also have a keen interest in Birds, Animals, and Gardening in the area.  ***


Classical, Classical Cross-over, Classical music with nature sounds


Nature, Ambience, Fireplaces 

** NO PORN, don't even ask**

If I can help you out with reviews, please contact me 

Yes I might be a bit old fashioned but that is how I like to live my life