Great Ghost Stories - Dover Thrift Editions

Bram Stoker, Charles Dickens, Ambrose Bierce and More


Book Review

Some of the stories were very creepy, one or two actually chilling. Overall a nice little collection everyone should own. For the price you can't go wrong

Cover Review

I have seen creepier looking covers but its still nice

To Be Taken With A Grain Of Salt

 Charles Dickens

Now this is a creepy little tale, I will never be able to serve jury duty the same again without looking around. I loved it. I think I considered this more a psychological thing than others have.

Dickon The Devil

 J. S. LeFanu

I got a creepy chill out of it, perhaps not as much as I have read others have but it was a chill

The Judges House

 Bram Stoker

Devil Rat, how can you not love that. I got the creepy's from it without a doubt

A Ghost Story

 Jerome K. Jerome

This was a delicious little tale of an avenging lover. I will never again look at a skeleton the same way

The Moonlit Road

 Ambrose Bierce

I get it finally now having read it rather than listened to it............sort of

The Monkey's Paw

 W.W. Jacobs

I liked it, though I suspect I would have liked it more if it had been read by just the right person

The Rose Garden 

M. R. James

If I had been in a better mood while reading this, it would have been much better, but even so its still great. I can just see the rose garden and arbor I know so well, which adds to it.

Bone To His Bone

E.G. Swain

I actually really liked this one. A seeming sweet ending to a not so horrible tale. A pleasant I suppose ghostly tale.

The Confessions Of Charles Linkworth

 E.F. Benson

That was another deliciously creepy tale, I will never see the telephone the same

The Phantom Coach

Amelia Edwards

This one I might have to have a go round with again to really appreciate it, but just for a quick listen {audiobook} it just lost something for me. It seems to leave me with more questions than answers.

The end was quite well done I thought though.

Update: I finally read this one, I will bump it up a couple of notches. I did it right, had the fireplace DVD on and the candles. Was much better a second time with the proper atmosphere