The Phantom Of The Opera 2004

Andrew Lloyd Webber

I loved this with no exception until I heard the 25th from the Royal Albert Hall.

Highlights From The Phantom Of The Opera 1986

Andrew Lloyd Webber

I like Brightman's voice so much better later on in her career. Crawford I could do without all together, but he was my first Phantom so there is sentimental favor there.

The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall: In Celebration of 25 Years

Andrew Lloyd Webber

This is not exactly the same as the show, there are some minor differences but unless you are a Phantatic you won't notice and even if you do notice it makes no difference in the quality of the work of the performers. This is a must have in any Phans collection

Queen Of The Damned

Various Artists

Excellent, what more can I say. If Lestat looked the way he did in the movie and sounded this way then your talking about perfection

Garden In Provence

Dan Gibson

Gentle easy and wonderful to listen to over and over again

Moonlight Classic Volume I & II

Various Artists


This one is not really relaxing enough for me anyway to be considered moonlight.  It is a wonderful collection and I don't regret buying it, I was just looking for something more soothing for evening listening, but for the morning or afternoon its perfect.



This is just what it says, nice relaxing and soothing, the best for relaxing in the evening after a hard day