My Book & Film Journals

I had started a sort of journal years ago to keep my films categorized better.  It has now gone to me organizing my book collection {which is happily growing at a steady rate} 

Here is my big folder that has all my films and books in.  It certainly is not the prettiest thing but it is usually kept in a spot I don't see it

Inside I have alphabetical dividers because I categorize by title first

I also have a front page with my local libraries and their addresses and hours they are open.............You always have to make sure when the library is open.  :)

I have it first by films then under a letter I have a blank sheet of paper then I have the book section

Then behind the letters I have the film genres and then my book shelves.  I don't have a very good way of having my books because of lack of space, so I started with the idea from Goodreads of their shelf system.  So I made a sheet of paper up and put the titles that would be on the shelf if I had a real bookcase.

I also have it organized one more by season, I like to read certain books during certain seasons

So this one above in my "Master List"  I put my ultimate reviews of everything in there as well.

My much smaller one has taken over some duties once reserved for the larger one. It has my to read list, to research list, to buy list and so on.
It is only about a month old but it is growing steadily with stickers I have laying around or pretty pictures I get out of the papers that come in the mail from stores and things

I am putting little pics all through it as I get them

I have sections in there for all my groups I post my reviews in so I don't get them all confused and put the wrong review in the wrong group.