Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis

Not as factual as it could have been but just for the sake of being an entertaining film its excellent

The Illusionist

Edward Norton, Jessica Biel

A very sexy magician. I like the story as well. Well acted and the scenery is nice. Beautiful score

The Crow

Brandon Lee

What can I say I have always had a soft spot for this one, I know when it boils right down to it, its not the greatest film ever made but its still always worth watching

The Crow: City Of Angels

Vincent Perez

I never understood why everyone hated this one so much I personally really enjoy it and Perez could not be any sexier in it.  Its to me as good as the first and I can't imagine watching one without the other any more.

M. Butterfly

John Lone, Jeremy Irons

I bawl every time at the end scene when I watch this.  An excellent film

Clan Of The Cave Bear

Daryl Hannah, Pamela Reed, James Remar

This is one you might not want to let the kiddies watch, lots of sex - sometimes not so nice either.  Other than that, its perfectly depressing and a definite mood piece.  The backdrop is simply stunning and it is beautifully filmed.  Daryl Hannah nailed it

The Mechanic

Charles Bronson, Jan-Michael Vincent

Not matter how many times I watch this, which is alot, there are parts of it I just don't get.  Oh well, more excuses to watch it again.  Its a subtle sort of film, is quite violent but well worth the watching over and over again

Resurrection Man

Stuart Townsend, James Nesbitt

This is not for the faint of heart or stomach, but then real life isn't.  An excellent film but you gotta be prepared for it