Celestial Seasonings

Fireside Vanilla Spice
Not the best idea for a Summer tea but for Winter……………yes yes yes.
Tastes like Spice cake. Wonderful. Perfect sweet and spice
Flavors: Cinnamon

Lemon Zinger
Nice little kick to it, my go to tea for fish and chicken pairing
​Flavors: Lemon

Madagascar Vanilla Red
Great tasting smoky flavor, best taken without food.
Flavors: Smoke, Vanilla, Cherry

Mandarin Orange Spice
A little too spicy for my taste for an orange tea
​Flavors: Orange, Spice

Raspberry Zinger

An excellent afternoon tea to go with chocolate
Flavors: Raspberry

Red Zinger
Had this once and am still on the hunt to find more

Sleepy Time
Does what it says, I just didn't like the overwhelming Chamomile taste

Sleepy Time Honey
Same review as above

Tangerine Orange Zinger
I love this one, wonderful in the Summer when you want something cool and refreshing
Flavors: Orange, Tangerine

Lemon Lavender Lane
I like this one for a different take on Lemon tea, especially with fish this goes well.
​Flavors: Lemon, Lavender

Vermont Maple Ginger

This was a test try, hoping it would not be a pricey fail. It wasn’t. I think its a wonderful tasting tea. I got it mostly for the Ginger and my allergies. Its one of my faves right next to Vanilla Fireside

Flavors: Ginger, Maple Syrup

Citrus Sunrise

If this did not taste so much like my other favorite Tangerine Orange Zinger it would be spectacular, but since to me there is no difference in the taste I can only say, I needed some more Tangerine Orange Zinger anyway and there was a coupon

Flavors: Same as Tangerine Orange Zinger